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Summary Of Qinghai WuTong (group) Co., LTD.

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    Qinghai WuTong (group) Co., LTD. ,a modern enterprise Group, relate to ferroalloy production and r&d, mining, coal coking ,energy saving technology research and service, logistics, hydraulic power generation, the group has assets of 1.5 billion Yuan, has 15 subsidiary companies, more than 3000 employees, the annual sales income is 2.3 billion Yuan, the "top 50" enterprise of Qinghai Province, one of the 30 key economic operation enterprises, tax advanced enterprise, high and new technology enterprise, export first in Qinghai.
    The productivity of high purity silicon stand first on the list, now the company has two ten million ton iron metal mine, two ten million ton high quality silica mining, has formed the mine exploitation - coal coking - metallurgy - deep processing as one of the ferroalloy industry chain. At present, the company launched the biggest entertainment center of Qinghai Province ---- the peach orchard ecological sightseeing and agriculture tourist resort project in Minhe and a large modern engineering machinery trading center of Qinghai Province project.
    The company independent research and development "the WuTong brand" high purity silicon, has stable quality, prized two countries patent technology, and is recognized for its high-tech products of Qinghai province, the production, technology, cost, and quality in the domestic and foreign leading level, product sales to many large steel mills in domestic and foreign, and the series of the product falls short of demand.
    Arc furnace of waste heat power generation technology, is independent research and development and has the independent intellectual property rights ,won the 2009 annual "Qinghai Province Outstanding Technology Innovation Awards", and declared two national patent technology. For enhancing the enterprise technology innovation level, introduction of high-end technology talents, the company is energetically preparing postdoctoral workstation.
    The first-stage construction of ferrosilicon smelting gas waste heat power projects had accomplish and invest in oct. 26, 2009, generated more than 3000 degrees energy, the second stage of the waste heat power project ready to complete. The project total investment is 171 million Yuan, the installed capacity of 24000 KW, designed the annual power generation of 192 million degrees, equivalent to saving more than 70000 tons standard coal to reduce discharge amount of CO₂ 180000 tons. After the completion of the project, it can reduce  electric power consumption 800----1000KWH/T, unit consumption of ferrosilicon smelting from the original 85000kwh reduced to 7500kwh, add the value of 61.44 million Yuan, profit and tax RMB 30 million Yuan. The implementation of the project to the enterprise itself not only bring profits and development prospects, but also have a positive exemplary role to the national industry to be a enterprise of energy conservation and emission reduction ,and is the high energy saving technology enterprise in significant breakthrough, be listed in the a "national key energy saving technology promotion catalogue"  by the National Development And Reform Commission, That also Belden company of WuTong group will be the only one ”Environment friendly, and Resource Conservation” pilot enterprise in Qinghai Province ,  to publish by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry Of Finance, and Department of Science and Technology。
    In September 2010, the Vice Premier of the State Council Zhang Dejiang visit our company, spoke highly of the company contribution to energy conservation and emission reduction and recycling the development.
    In recent years, under concern and support from governments of Xining city in Qinghai Province and various circles of society, Qinghai WuTong (group) industrial Co., LTD got rapid progress. Successively gained honor as following " Advanced Group of National Commercial Business System, "The National Employment And Social Security Advanced Private Enterprise", 2010 "Qinghai Advanced Tax-paying Enterprise", 2010 "The Holding Growth and Promote development Advanced Unit of Qinghai Province ", "2010 Annual The Foreign Trade Import And Export Outstanding Enterprise", "Economic Operation Advanced Company in Qinghai Province ", "Energy Conservation And Consumption Reduction Advanced Company In Qinghai Province ", "Advanced Enterprise in Safety Production in Qinghai Province ", "National Unity And Progress Model Collective Of Qinghai Province," "Model Labor Relation Harmonious Enterprise in Qinghai Province ", "Best Credit Integrity Of The Customers", agriculture bank of China, Qinghai Province branch "AAA Credit Enterprise", "Famous Brand Credit Company in Xining” "Harmonious Labor Relations Outstanding Enterprise", "Advanced Basic-Level Party Organization", "Eleventh Five-year Plan Make Contributions And Start Career Advanced Unit". The chairman Mr. YangShengliang be cited as "National Model Army Cadres Transferred To Civilian Work”, and won ”National The Glorious Cause Award ", "The Glorious Cause Contribution Award Of The Whole Province", "The Fifth Outstanding Entrepreneur Of Qinghai Province", "Best Professional Managers" etc.
    The chairman of the board of Qinghai WuTong (group) Industrial Co., LTD, YangShengliang ,lead all staff, guided by the scientific development concept, uplift spirit of "Unity, Practicality, Innovation, Development" of WuTong, constantly display own superiority, willing to undertake the social responsibility, struggle for realizing the leaping development of group and the harmony and prosperity of Qinghai!