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Qinghai WuTong Energy Saving Technology Service Co

date:[2011-11-3] hits:[4274]

    The Qinghai WuTong Energy Saving Technology Service Company is a subsidiary company established by the Qinghai WuTong(group) industry Co., LTD, through investment of 10 million Yuan RMB, the main business ferroalloy dust removal environmental protection; The remaining heat using power generation, engineering equipment series of research and development, manufacture, maintenance; research and development, design, equipment installation, deep processing products of ferroalloy smelting technology, advisory services on technology of using "The Three Wastes" and so on, aim to research ,promotion, application-arc furnace flue remaining heat generation and using other environmental protection and energy saving technology in the electric smelting and related industry , it will help enterprises to realize the development of recycling economy and be clean production enterprises.
    The first-stage construction of ferrosilicon smelting gas waste heat generation projects had accomplish and operating in oct. 26, 2009 in Belden company, generated more than 3000 degrees energy, the second stage of the waste heat generation project is preparing to run. The project total investment is 171 million Yuan, the installed capacity of 24000 KW, designed the annual power generation of 192 million degrees, equivalent to saving more than 70000 tons standard coal to reduce discharge amount of CO₂ 180000 tons. After the completion of the project, it can reduce electric consumption 800----1000KWH/T, add the value of 61.44 million Yuan, tax RMB 30 million Yuan.
    patent for the waste heat utilization in silicon submerged-arc furnace autonomously research and design by The Qinghai WuTong Energy Saving Technology Service Company has already successful be carried out in Qinghai Belden high purity material development limited company .and became the first waste heat generation reconstruction project in ferroalloy industry in China.
    The implementation of the Belden company waste heat generation technology reform project filling the gaps of smelting gas waste heat generation technology in our country, not only bring economic benefit and social benefit , but also play a positive exemplary role in the national industry to be a enterprise of energy conservation and emission reduction .