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Qinghai Wu Tong (group) Co., LTD. is a modernization enterprise covers industries of ferroalloy production, coking coal, mining, research and development of energy saving technology, logistics, hydropower, is one of the "top 50" enterprises in Qinghai province, the economic operation key enterprise, the tax advanced enterprise, the high and new technology enterprise, and the first one in guangdong province in earning foreign exchange through export.
In recent years, the company actively adapt to the market demand and strive to create domestic top-ranking ferroalloy production enterprise, at the same time of being a bigger and stronger ferroalloy industry, the company extending industry chain, and realized the diversified management mode. At present, capacity of high purity silicon is the first one in China, with two  of ten million tons much iron metal mines, two of ten million tons high quality silica mines, has formed the ferroalloy industry chain of mine development-coal coking-metallurgy-fine and further processing. The developing and constructing Minhe ten thousands mu peach garden ecological sightseeing agriculture tourist resort project and a large modern engineering machinery trade center in Qinghai, they are the largest leisure entertainment center and the biggest engineering trading market in Qinghai.
The company independent research and development "the Wu Tong brand" high purity silicon,  it is well-known trademark in China, wins two national technical patent , is recognized for high-tech products in Qinghai, the volume of production, the technology, the cost, and the quality are in the advanced level of domestic and foreign, and the product is saled to many large steel mills of domestic and foreign.
The company has the first-class innovative research team, and hammer at changing the ferroalloy traditional mode, by tackling key problems in science and technology, independent research and development, have made great scientific and technological achievements . The company’s electric smelting waste heat power projects have independent intellectual property , is the first arc furnace flue waste heat power projects of the country, filling the blank of cogeneration, is ranked on "national key energy saving technology promotion directory" by National Development and Deform Commission. Organized and formulated “arc furnace flue waste heat power technology standard” for the norms of the industry entrusted by MIIT. Participate in drafting the “taking sample and preparation of ferroalloy chemical analysis national standard”, “the converter vaporization recover steam powery system operation norms”, “manganese silicon aluminium alloy industry standards”, “the metallurgy poisonous and harmful gas detection and alarming apparatus industry standards” and other four national (industrial) standards; leading for fomulating the “high purity silicon” local standards of Qinghai province ;
The company according to goal of "be the minimum of national ferroalloy industry comprehensive energy consumption and the leading one of international", and actively create the "resource conservation and environment friendly" enterprise, and the “two type” pilot enterprise scheme has been reviewed by MIIT, Ministry of Finance, MOST, and become the only one “two type” enterprise pilot units in national ferroalloy industry and our province.